Details Auto Appearance Center

IMG_0370Details Auto Appearance Center has been a part of the automotive detailing industry since 1996. We began doing business out of a single bay garage in west Ames, having the capability to completely detail only 2 cars in an 8 hour shift. Since then we have expanded 3 times in order to handle the work load.

In June of 2000, Details Auto Appearance Center built a state of the art automotive detailing facility that handles no less than 12 automotive wholesale accounts and countless retail customers. Currently we have the ability to completely detail over 17 automobiles in a single 8 hour shift. Our facility is only 3,000 square feet, and we still have not completely maximized our resources.

Over the years, we have developed systems for every aspect of owning and operating an automotive detailing company. We have developed maintenance schedules for our equipment, integrated strict check lists for every automobile that passes through our facility, and have continued to upgrade our standard of “acceptable” for each and every vehicle. We have a philosophy at Details that service and quality are everything when it comes to pleasing the customer. This philosophy is our main focus of business.